What’s Your Dream For This Year (or this Month)?

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What’s Your Dream For This Year (or this Month)?

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream of a better future. He could see how things could be different. With that clear vision in mind he was able to inspire great change for our country. That same idea can work for you or your family.

What is Your Dream?

We often think about resolutions and change at the beginning of the year. For some reason January 1st triggers something in our brain about evaluating our life and making changes. That is a great thing! But why do we wait until January 1st and how can we keep our goals in our mind?

First of all, if our brain can learn to evaluate life and desire improvement on each January 1st, we can train it to happen other times of the year….like the beginning of each month for example.

This chart can help you or your family keep your goals in focus. It has a space for a long term goal and spaces to write short term goals.

  1. Print out a chart below. (You can put it in a glossy sheet protector. Then you can write your goals in dry erase marker and update them easily each month.)
  2. Pick something to work on in a couple of areas of this chart. Write down your goals.
  3. Hang the chart somewhere where you will see it everyday. When you see it tell yourself what your goal is (out loud is best).
  4. Set aside a time each week or each month to think about how you’re doing. Update or add to your short term goals if needed.

If you’re doing this with your family you could plan an activity to introduce the idea to everyone. Watch a part of Martin Luther King Jr’s speech. Talk about how he had a vision. He knew what he wanted to accomplish. Ask your family members what they want to accomplish this year. Share the chart and decide on goals. Work on a chart together. Let family members fill out a chart for personal goals too if they want to.



Use this sheet to use add POWER to your life. POWER areas and skills are already filled out on the chart. Look over the areas and skills and think about something you can do to improve in one or two of those areas. Write down your goal. You can choose goals to go in a few different areas each month.

(To print: hover over & click the pop-out image in the top right corner.)

Choose Your Own Areas

If you already have specific areas of your life that you would like to strengthen and improve, then you may want to use this blank sheet. Write the areas you want to focus on this year in the small spaces, then put the paper into a sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to update your monthly goals in the larger spaces.

(To print: hover over & click the pop-out image in the top right corner.)

Keeping Your Goals in Sight

Make sure to hang the chart somewhere you can see it. Look at it each day. If you’re setting goals as a family then talk about them often. Pick a time so you remember to bring it up, perhaps dinner time or during your weekly/monthly family planning meeting.

Daily POWER statements are also a great way to keep your vision in mind. Use statements that reflect the goals you have set.


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