Help your grandkids build confidence!

There you are wondering what meaningful gift to give your grandkids for Christmas.

You’re wondering how you can spend time with them and connect with them a little more.

We can help you with that!

How about something that guides you through meaningful interactions with your grandkids? You can strengthen your relationship and help them develop Success Skills they need for life at the same time!

Try out the Confidence Guide in our Success Skills for Kids series!

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Building character and relationships can be broken down into specific skills that can be learned.

These skills can be mastered through the simple pattern of identifying the skill, looking for evidence of the skill, and practicing!

Each guide in this series outlines stories, songs, drawing activities, conversation starters, and even movies to watch all focused on topics like Confidence, Courage, and Persistence. Each one comes with:

  • A summary sheet of the activity ideas to print for easy reference
  • An online list of resources with links to additional information and helps
  • A calendar with checklist to help in planning when and how you want to work together with your grandchildren
  • A poster of the topic for kids to color and display as a reminder of the topic of the month
  • Email reminders and encouragement

Every child is different. So this guide gives suggestions and you decide when and which to use. That way you can meet the needs of each of your grandchildren with the help of the same guide.

By reading stories together and talking about examples of Courage or Confidence or Persistence your grandchildren will learn what the skill looks like and be able to replicate those behaviors in their own lives.

Interacting with you in these fun and simple ways will have a profound effect on your grandkids. And on you too!

We would love you to have this opportunity so much we’ll give you one for free!

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Wow! A meaningful Christmas gift for free!

It doesn’t get any better than that!

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This guide is aimed at Elementary school aged children, but could work with slightly older or younger children as well.

You can use this guide to interact with one or more grandchildren that are close to you or far away. The suggested activities work great in person, but with the help of phones and video calls many can be done or discussed across great distances too!

This guide will give you resources and tips to use so instead of coming up with ideas, all your effort can be focused right on the interactions with those you love.

And no matter how great (or not great) the parents of your grandchildren are, your grandchildren need you too. The more adults interested in helping them succeed the better off they will be.

Helping them learn Success Skills now will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

That is a powerful gift!

give the gift of confidence

This free plan focuses on Confidence.

And if your grandkids face any of the same challenges that most kids do, it’s essential for them to understand a little about confidence in themselves. The earlier in life the better.

Confidence is one of the Success Skills that builds character and relationships.

It is something that can be learned and practiced.

We’ve created a collection of resources to support your efforts to build confidence in kids.

We’ve identified movies to watch, stories to read and popular songs to sing (or dance to) that will help you show your grandkids what confidence looks like in entertaining and engaging ways.

We’ve listed questions that you can use as you discuss how confidence can transform your grandkids into powerful people strong enough to withstand the pressures of the world.

We’ve also noted roadblocks your grandkids will probably face on their path to confidence so you can prepare yourself and them to break through obstacles as they come.

We’re so eager to see how this Confidence Guide will expand possibilities for your grandkids and how you’ll be able to build powerful relationships in the process.

Try out the free confidence guide