Free Confidence Guide

There is a child you know.

You probably want the best for them in this life.

You want your kids to be kind, thoughtful, driven people.

You worry about them having good character.

But that can be hard, confusing, exhausting, and time consuming.

And you keep wondering if what you are doing is the right thing.

Or if it will even make a difference.

You can feel that now is the time to start new.

You hope to find something that works.

Free Character Building Guide

You don’t need something big and elaborate.

You already have a lot to manage.

Not to worry…

the things that will make a big difference are often simple.

Think of a stream constantly flowing that will eventually create a great canyon.

Think of small seeds that grow into beautiful flowers and strong trees.

It doesn’t matter how big the stream is, just that it keeps going.

It doesn’t matter how big the seed is, but that it’s consistently cared for.

That is what makes the difference!

A simple solution for Building Character

Building character and relationships can be broken down into specific skills that can be learned.

We’ve created a free guide to help you as you work to instill confidence in your child.

It is a guide that does exactly that, it guides.

  • It gives ideas of books, songs, and even movies you can use in your time together that can lead to conversations about confidence.
  • It gives ideas of methods and specific questions that add meaning and purpose to conversations you’re having with your children.
  • It gives ideas of timing and follow up to help you know when to speak up and when to back off a little to give your child some room to practice and grow.
accept the free confidence guide

The free guide helps you and your child with these 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify the skill
  2. Look for evidence and examples
  3. Practice

The background information included in the guide helps you explain what confidence is and helps you recognize roadblocks that often appear on the path to confidence so you can prepare yourself and your children to break through obstacles they might face.

The stories, songs and movie suggestions help you show your kids what confidence looks like in entertaining and engaging ways. Each activity together will build a connection and strengthen your relationship. And when combined with the simple conversation starters they will also develop essential character traits.

The additional writing/drawing prompts, mental tools, and challenge included provide ways for you to lead your child in practicing and strengthening their confidence.

Try Out the Free Confidence Guide

The process in the free guide allows you to model and discuss productive behaviors that will make a lasting positive impact on your child’s life.

And it fits right into the simple things of your daily life like…

  • Short conversations about your child’s day and what they noticed.
  • Story time.
  • Sharing something you noticed while sitting at the dinner table.
  • Family movie night.
  • Having a dance party after school or to celebrate the weekend!

The guide will walk you through how to transform each of these times into valuable learning moments.

We’re so eager for you to see how this Confidence Guide will expand the possibilities for your family that we’re offering it for free!

We can’t wait for you to enjoy time together, strengthening your relationship and learning such an important skill like Confidence!

Great things are waiting for you and your family.

There’s no time to lose.

Get started now.

Accept the Free Confidence Guide