About Us

Our History

Connections: An Adventure Learning Center is a non-profit organization officially founded in 2003 (finding renewed energy in late 2015) realizing the longtime dream of its founders. In a sense Connections was only a formality since even before Connections existed, those involved in its formation were teaching and working to promote the same things that Connections now strives to do.

Our Belief

We started Connections because we feel strongly about learning (especially learning through experiences) and about families.

We believe that people have immeasurable potential for greatness. No matter their current situation all people have the ability within to strengthen themselves, change their perspective and increase their ability to handle the tasks of daily life. Doing so will also impact their environment and influence those around them for good.

Good families are the perfect learning environment. We recognize all families are not that way at this moment. But just like people, families have the ability to grow and change.

Our Hope

We hope people will understand and learn the process of identifying principles and applying them correctly in their lives. This is the process of change, of growth, of progress and of lasting happiness. We hope people recognize the value of their experience in the process of learning and then grow from what they learn.

We want people to know that there are amazing benefits of living according to principles and that, as we learn that ourselves, children and others can come to understand that as well. Those benefits that will come to you are worth every effort.