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Quotes from Conference about DM Topics

Go here to view a spreadsheet of quotes.

  • Find recent Conference quotes by topics or by scripture reference.
  • Quotes can be used in lessons or as spiritual thought discussions.
  • More quotes will be added.

Tips for using this collection:

  • Use the search on the page feature (ctrl f).
  • Can search for a topic word or can search by book of scripture (ex Find in Sheet: D&C 6).
  • Then use the up and down arrows next to the search box to navigate between entries containing your search.

Pocket Sized Reference Card

  • Up to date for 2023.
  • Includes references and key phrases (from the scriptures).
  • See printing and trimming instructions on the print out.
  • Print and fold for a pocket sized reference card.


Scripture Man Game

  • Use in any lesson where concepts and principles are easily found in scripture verses or quotes or to review a previous lesson.
  • Game sheets (print here) are already filled in (which saves time in class).

Question Poster

  • 3 questions that could be used to dig deeper into a DM (or any other) scripture.
  • Could be used during a lesson, to study DM scriptures, or for Spiritual Thoughts.
  • To use for spiritual thoughts: Read a DM scripture or Conference quote. Have one or more people pick one of the questions to answer.


Signs for A.S.K. (Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge)

3 signs. One for each part of answering gospel questions.

Conference Report

  • Can be used to take notes during conference or to study talks afterward.
  • Studying Conference talks can be use for make up work.