Have you even been to a foreign place? …a place you wanted to go, but had no idea what to expect once you got there? Have you ever wanted to start a project, but held back because you didn’t even know where to begin? In both of these cases, it probably would have been worlds easier if you just had a guide. Sometimes, you may have even been offered one! Often,  people don’t even know how lost they really are until they finally stop to ask for directions.

A mentor is a teacher who can assist you in creating the best parts of your life. Just like a good art teacher, a mentor is not there to create your masterpiece for you. Imagine how little you would enjoy art class if your teacher insisted on doing your projects for you! Rather, a mentor will help you refine your own skills and the results of your efforts will give you joy and satisfaction.

A mentor’s life experiences include successes, mistakes, and failures, both his own, as well as those of others. A well-trained mentor also has learned techniques and tools to help you see yourself with a new perspective. The experiences and skills of a caring mentor can guide you onto a path of daily successes and continuous upward progress.

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