Pick an Area of Focus

Not everyone needs to learn these skills in the same order so there are 2 main ways to go about choosing where to begin.

First, you could pick any skill and begin there.

Developing any Success Skill will help. Success Skills are connected, so developing any area of yourself will help all the areas of your life. Plus, beginning with any Success Skill gives you practice learning in this simple method.

So you could pick one and jump in and get started.

Jump in and get started

But second, you could consider the Success Skills and think about what you need most in your life. Although it takes a little more effort, it will certainly create results than are more directed at your current needs.

As you ponder what the next step should be, really tune in to yourself and where you want your life to go. Consider the 5 Areas of POWER, then pick a Success Skill to focus on.

5 Areas of Power
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