Elevation is learning & progressing. I can move upward through small purposeful choices.  Elevation brings power through perspective by expanding my capabilities & bringing new options to my view.

“As I choose to move forward, new perspective and opportunities are within my reach.”

Success Skills of Elevation include Evaluator, Visualizer, Grateful, and Open-Minded.

Elevation addresses complacency, grudges, guilt, and pride.

One who is gaining elevation can say, “I am a work in progress and have great potential. I am skillful, wise yet still teachable. I am open minded and seek to keep moving forward and upward. I can evaluate situations, learn and change. I can forgive.”

Look for ideas on this site to help yourself or your family improve in these areas so you can feel the power of elevation.

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Increase your Power of Elevation with these POWER Statements:

  • My open mind brings new opportunities to my view.
  • I love change.
  • I create opportunities for learning and growth.
  • I am constantly changing and applying new things.