Our inner self has all sorts of super powers. But sometimes our conscious self likes to ignore them. Some people may call them talents or skills or abilities. Which is what they are. But they are unique to you. They are what make you super!

Every super hero goes through a time when they need to remember what makes them who they are. We each need that reminder too…every day! Power statements are a way of letting your powerful inner self out…a reminder to bravely act in your unique super hero way!

Purpose of Power Statements

Power Statements are designed to get your mind and your body going in the same direction. A direction that you have willfully and consciously chosen.  Unity between the mind and the body creates great power and peace.


Write a short statement describing yourself the way you want to be. Consider using any of the following phrases to begin your statements.

  • I am …
  • I inspire …
  • I empower …
  • I create …
  • I attract …

In this same way try to come up with 5-7 different statements. When your statements refer to different areas of yourself, power will be added to all of those areas at the same time instead of just one.

If this is difficult at first, keep trying. Start using what you have. As you begin you will probably see ways to adjust the statements. You will know you have found a good statement when it stirs an emotion in you.  

Type them, put them on your phone or make a poster, whatever works for you as long as you write them down somehow.


Read your Power Statements out loud each morning and evening. Looking at and hearing the words are both important. It gets more of the brain involved.

Focus on what you are saying. Speaking in any of these ways can help.

  • Speak very loudly and with conviction  
  • Speak reverently
  • Recite them while listening to epic music (search youtube for epic music for examples)
  • Emphasize the word “I…” in each statement
  • Look in the mirror while speaking
  • Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to do something important before beginning
  • Speak dramatically with majestic motions

The way you speak may change each day. Create your own style that drives these powerful messages into your soul. Your inner self will recognize the truth of these statements and respond enthusiastically.

After several weeks a statement may become a part of you. Remove, change or add statements to your list as needed.

See examples of POWER Statements:

To increase your Power of Preparedness

To increase your Power of Order

To increase your Power of Wellness

To increase your Power of Elevation

To increase your Power of Relationship