Practice Generalizing as you study the scriptures.

Things to think about when generalizing:

  • Context (What is the background? What has already happened to these people? What is the culture or historical significance? What do the events mean to the people in the story?)
  • Situation (What is happening in the story? What situation are the people facing? Other than the specific situation like Daniel being in the lion’s den, how could you describe or explain the situation?)
  • Feelings (What might the people be feeling? What would you feel if you were in that situation?)

A Place to Start

Alma 34:18-26 are great verses to generalize. They include lots of phrases about flocks and fields. Thinking about what those flocks and fields meant to those people helps us understand more about what these verses teach about prayer.


Look at how God helped these people in their situations…


Specific: In a lion’s den

General: Faced a difficult situation when the people didn’t like what he did or believed


Specific: Built a boat

General: Figured out how to get his family to accomplish a big task the Lord had asked them to do


Specific: Went to tell people what had happened to the King and Queen

General: Recognized an opportunity to help share the gospel with other people even though she may not have felt like it was her place

Stripling Warriors

Specific: Defended their families in the war

General: Stepped into roles they may not have seemed ready for