Order is being disciplined & in control of myself. I can establish systems to manage expectations & details of my life. Order brings power through peace of mind by actively developing personal stability, even when there is chaos all around.

“I actively establish habits to care for and organize all aspects of my life.”

Success Skills of Order include Consistent, Proactive, Self-Disciplined, and Prioritizer.

Order addresses Addiction, Anger, Avoidance, Boredom, Chaos, Debt, Entitlement, Laziness, and Procrastination.

One who has order can say, “I am dependable, self-disciplined, proactive and in control of myself. I can prioritize, plan and budget. I have expectations for myself and my family and know how to meet them. I am intentional and consistent in my actions.”

Look for ideas on this site to help yourself or your family improve in these areas so you can feel the power of order.

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Increase your Power of Order with these POWER Statements:

  • I am in control of myself.
  • I create order and stability even when there is chaos all around me.
  • I put first things first.
  • I am free to act for myself.
  • I make great things happen.