Relationship is connecting to & caring about people. I can interact with & build others.  Relationship brings power through combined effort & ideas by creating a never-ending network of support & experience.

As I connect with and care for others, I am empowered in ways I cannot be on my own.”

Success Skills of Relationship are Compassionate, Collaborator, Connected, and Communicator.

Relationship addresses bullying, contention, criticism, gossip, hate, judging, loneliness, and selfishness.

One who values relationship can say, “I am trustworthy, encouraging and cooperative. I value others so I am respectful, courteous and caring. I accept and listen to others. I love and serve them. I value family and community and I see how diversity can make humanity greater.”

Look for ideas on this site to help yourself or your family improve in these areas so you can feel the power of relationship.

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Increase your Power of Relationship with these POWER Statements:

What are POWER Statements?

  • I belong.
  • I interact with and build others.
  • There are people who love me and want to help me. I do not have to do things alone.
  • I empower greatness in my family.
  • My thoughts and ideas benefit others.
  • I listen to truly understand.
  • Each person I meet is key to something I need to know.