R e l a t i o n s h i p   

Relationship is the power to become my best self
and influence others to be their best selves as well.

I can have a STRONG RELATIONSHIP with myself, my family,
my God and others through UNDERSTANDING and APPLYING
specific PRINCIPLES in my life. Building strong relationships
provides me with learning experiences essential to my growth and puts
me in a position that I am able to influence my family and others.

  • Strong Relationships are developed as I act in ways that allow someone to trust me and open up the emotional side of their life to me. I need to act in the best ways I know to promote that trust even when I do not know what ways are most effective for a specific person or I do not see any results from my actions. I need to continually seek to make what I do more effective with each person.
  • Understanding Principles refers to learning the concepts and meaning of specific principles.
  • Applying Principles refers to changes in my actions and attitudes because I believe and am beginning to live according to specific principles. This is the point at which the power of the principles begins to change my life to the extent I live a specific principle.
  • Principles are unchanging truths that govern all aspects of life such as love, understanding, choice and progress. The more I live in accordance with principles the more my life will improve.

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