You listen to General Conference and are inspired. You try to read the scriptures and pray and even pay attention in Sacrament Meeting. (Sometimes you have to try really hard.)

Then what?

The next step after taking in all that information, insight, prophetic counsel, warnings, and powerful doctrine is to take action!

take action


Sometimes it is pretty easy to know what you should do.




But other times it’s not quite so clear.

So let’s break it down.

When you take in information, especially when it’s a lot of information, it sits like a big lump in your mind.


lump in brain


Maybe you think of it as General Conference.

Maybe you even label it as good information.

(Did you know you label things in your head so you can find them again, kind of like hashtags?)


labeled lump


But it’s still a pretty big, undefined chunk in your mind.

You really do need to break it down into smaller, more defined, more understandable pieces so you can actually focus on what it is you’re dealing with.

If you don’t, it will stay as an overwhelming lump in your mind. You won’t focus on the great things that could happen with the information you have. And you’ll have a sense of overwhelm that continues to resurface and build.

So, let’s break that overwhelm down and get rid of it!

There are probably lots of ways you can do this. But since you are trying to turn information into action, I suggest you break it into action bits.

In fact, I recommend breaking it down into these action bits: things to avoid, to do, to understand more, to receive and, to say.

Those labels will help you know what to do with the information you have.


action labels


  • To Avoid – what habits, thought patterns, and behaviors should you avoid? 
  • To Do – what actions do you need to practice until they become habit? What positive action do you need to put in place of your “To Avoid” habits?
  • To Understand – what related or supporting concepts, principles, or doctrine can you study to clarify or strengthen your beliefs and behaviors?
  • To Receive – what blessings have been promised that you need to look for, recognize, or be willing to accept? 
  • To Say – how could you say this idea, principle or truth in a concise way?

You may be thinking…how does this works.?

Let’s say you hear…


conf quote


That is a very powerful idea! Very powerful indeed!

An idea with so much potential to guide and strengthen your life!


Even though in that form it feels powerful, there is nothing to act on. There is nothing so that powerful idea makes a difference for you, UNLESS you tell yourself something to DO about it.

So, let’s break it down into our action bits like this…


action thoughts


Look at all those things that came from one little quote. That’s a lot of actionable information!

Now instead of a lump of information you have the beginnings of an action plan.


From here, pray for guidance and clarity.

Determine a few specific actions you can start with.

Do them and watch as your life transforms before your eyes!

It sounds cheesy, but it really will happen.

You can do it!


Practice turning information into action by using this note taking sheet as you watch or study conference talks. See this idea in action using a few of Russell M. Nelson’s first talks as prophet.

photo source: New Era Magazine