Coloring Choices

Description: This coloring activity for children gives participants choices. As you discuss what they chose and the reasons, you can help them relate these choices to everyday life. Instructions: Give participants the crayons, colored pencils, […]


Choose Your Direction

With all the messages bombarding us each day it’s a good idea to take a step back often to evaluate the direction you are headed. Are the steps you’re taking leading you to where you […]

Compass Circle

A compass course that is fairly simple to set up and navigate. Printable includes supply list, set up info, and printable course cards for each participant. (For printable version click pop-out symbol in top right […]

Military Cemetery Search

When visiting a military cemetery respectfully look at the grave markers. Can you find the things on this search sheet? Noticing the lives represented by all the grave markers can lead to some great discussions with […]