You make choices everyday…in fact every moment of everyday.

Many of those choices happen quickly.

(Like the choice to keep reading this.)

You may not realize how those seemingly inconsequential choices determine where you will end up in your life, not just where you’ll end up to eat lunch today.

It’s likely that you make many of those choices based on a very narrow vision….what you want in the moment.

Doing that often leads to disappointment.

Consider for a moment the idea of big picture choices!

What meaningful, long lasting, big picture things would you choose for yourself?


  • I choose to have friends.
  • I choose to have money.
  • I choose kindness.
  • I choose happiness.

What else would you choose?

Think about it! If you really choose to have friends, how are you going to act? What smaller choices will you make?

You would probably try to be friendly. You would probably spend time with people. You might develop or strengthen interpersonal skills. So, if you choose to have friends, then that would affect the choices you make about how to spend your time each day or about how you choose to treat people.

How about money….?

If you choose to have money, how would you act?

You would probably choose to have a job. (Unless, you choose to rob a bank and go to jail.)

You might even choose to learn more skills so you can get a better, higher paying job.

You might choose to spend all your time focused on getting money. But you also might choose not to give so much of it away to every store or restaurant you come across because you want to keep it for the things you really want money for.

You might find ways for your money to go further by finding deals on things you need to buy. You might choose to plan ahead to make a meal instead of wanting to eat out right now because you’re hungry and there is no food in the fridge.

Knowing and remembering what your big picture choices are will help you govern and direct your day to day choices toward the things that you really want, not just what sounds good in the moment.

In fact, the more you focus on those big picture choices, the more the other choices will follow naturally.

You see, your subconscious brain likes to follow a pattern. You can convince it to follow whatever pattern you want.

It does take some convincing though.

By focusing on big picture choices, you are asking your inner brain to follow that pattern and find options to make that choice possible.

It will!

And it’s very good at it’s job.

It will help you find and recognize ways to alter your day to day choices to match up more with your big picture choices.

Consider how you’re going to remind yourself of your big picture choices? In essence, how are you going to convince your inner mind you are serious about this new pattern?

Are you going to write your big picture choices down and recite them each morning?

Are you going to post them on your mirror or on a big banner on your wall?

Are you going to set a notification on your phone that reminds you of them at a certain time each day?

Any of these ways will keep them in the front of your mind, which will convince your inner mind that’s the new pattern to follow, so you can act on them.

I choose to decide my own destination in life! I choose to make big picture choices!

How about you?


Start now by printing a big picture choices poster. Choose from a completed one (that you can add to) or a blank one.

To print select pop-out icon in top right corner.

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