Description: This coloring activity for children gives participants choices. As you discuss what they chose and the reasons, you can help them relate these choices to everyday life.

Instructions: Give participants the crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc. and tell them you are going to color a picture. Show them the two different coloring pages. Tell them you would like them to choose which page they would like to color. When participants have their pictures to color, allow them to color it however they wish. If they ask what colors to use or whether to use markers or crayons, prompt them to make their own choice. When the participants are done coloring, they can show the group their pictures.
As a group, discuss what choices they had to make in the last few minutes (choose a picture, choose what medium to color with, choose what color to color the picture). Using the questions above to guide you; guide the participants in discussing why they chose the picture they did, or the colors they did. Discuss whether they made a decision based on an outside influence. For example; did someone choose the same picture as their friend?
Discuss how we have choices all around us all the time. We are constantly making decisions. Some decisions matter more than others. Ask participants what decisions they may have to make that should take more thought than what color of crayon to use.

Find 2 different age appropriate coloring pages and make enough copies for each participant to have a choice of one coloring page.
Optional- Read Hunches in Bunches by Dr. Seuss or Too Purpley by Jean Reidy

Rules: Have fun and be positive

2 different coloring pages, enough copies for all participants to have one
A selection of coloring utensils (Markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint)

Age Range: 3-12

Group Size: 3-8

Possible Lessons/Morals: Some decisions we make are more important than others.
We are often influenced by others in the choices we make.
There are many things in our daily life that we get to choose for ourselves, and a few things we just have to do.

Learning Questions 
What did we just do?
What were different choices you made during this activity?
What picture did you choose/Why?
How did you decide what color to use?
What are some choices you get to make everyday?
Who are some people that influence what choices you make?
What are some more serious decisions you may need to make?
What/Who are some resources you have to help you make decisions?