A boy is trying to decide what to do when a bunch of Hunches show up to give him ideas. They leave him confused and feeling like he needs to be more than one person to accomplish all he wants to do.

Book Title: Hunches in Bunches

Author: Dr. Seuss

Illustrator: Dr. Seuss

Pages: 38

Publication Date: 1982

Publisher: Random House

ISBN #: 0-394-85502-7

Age Range: 5-14

Possible Lessons/Morals:
With so many choices in our daily lives, sometimes we need sometime to think it through.
When we start to feel overwhelmed by multiple choices, we can ask for help.
Sometimes we let others influence our decisions, which can help us or hinder us.
In the end we need to make our own decisions because we will be responsible for them.

Learning Questions:
What is happening with the boy in this story?
What decisions does he need to make?
What is making his decision harder?
What can he do to help make decisions?
What decisions do you need to make in your life?
What resources do you have to help you make decisions?
What/Who influences the decisions you make in your life?
How can you use people around you to help you make decisions?

You could use this story with a coloring activity to talk to young children about making decisions.