51Tm+fx5M6LKatie Woo: Katie Saves Thanksgiving

An Illustrated Chapter Book written by Fran Manushkin and Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

25 Pages


When the Woo’s oven quits working, Katie comes up with a plan to save Thanksgiving.

Possible Lessons / Morals to the Story:

  • Thanksgiving is about more than the food.  
  • When things go wrong, you can have a positive attitudes.  
  • When we serve others we are blessed as well.  
  • We can come up with solutions to our problems.

Discussion Questions:

  • What happened to Katie on Thanksgiving?  
  • How did Katie handle these problems? How did Katie save Thanksgiving?  
  • What skills did Katie use to solve the problems?
  • How can you help make Thanksgiving a success? How can you use service to help someone else have a better Thanksgiving?
  • What is a problem you are facing that you need to solve? How can the skills that Katie used help you through your challenge?
  • How can you make sure you have a positive attitude when things don’t go your way? How could a positive attitude help?

How You Could Use this Resource:

  • To prepare children for Thanksgiving and talk about what it is about.
  • To help an anxious child learn that when things don’t go as planned we can still have a positive attitude and figure out a solution to our problems.
  • To talk about problem solving.