We are each on a journey to become who we are meant to be. Everyone is somewhere on this journey already. We invite you to consciously make efforts to move forward on your journey. There is POWER to help you be successful on your way.  There is actual power, as in energy and momentum, that can move you toward success. So it’s fitting that POWER also becomes an acronym representing different areas of your being, your self, your life. Making changes and improving small bits in any of these areas will move you forward and give you more power to keep moving forward.



Each of these area are about self. Even “Relationship” is about how you, yourself, interacts with others. You can influence and encourage others to move forward on their journey to improve themselves by following these concepts as well, but it’s important to keep adequate focus on your own progress.

Since we are all currently somewhere on this journey, whether we know it or not, the next step for each person (or family) will be different. As you contemplate your next step, look at each area. Don’t get overwhelmed, we are meant to take things one step at a time. Check in with yourself and you will know which area is the place you need to focus on first.

The way you strengthen yourself in each of these areas will be different from anyone else. So, even though we are all working to be happy and to be our best self, our path will not look exactly the same as someone else’s.

We invite you to join us. Let’s get going! There is POWER to help you succeed! Your best self is waiting!

For ideas to strengthen yourself or build others in any of these POWER areas use the category menu!

We’re adding ideas all the time. We hope you’ll come back often!

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