Pick an Area of Focus

Not everyone needs to learn these skills in the same order so there are 2 main ways to go about choosing where to begin.

First, you could pick any skill and begin there. Developing any Success Skill will help. Plus, it gives you and your children practice learning in this method.

So you could pick one and jump in and get started.

Pick Focus Area Now

But Second,  consider the Success Skills and think about what the kids need.

Although it takes a little more effort, it will certainly create results than are more directed at your current needs.

Think about where your kids are at and where they need to go (individually or as a group). The answer to this might be different that asking yourself what you want them to learn.

Really tune in to the child(ren) you’re thinking about as you ponder what the next step should be for them. That will help you know where to begin.

Some Success Skills to Consider


I am Adaptable.

I am Courageous.

I am Persistent.

I am a Problem Solver.


I am Consistent.

I am a Prioritizer.

I am Proactive.

I am Self Disciplined.


I am Authentic.

I am Confident.

I am Independent.

I am Optimistic.


I am Curious.

I am an Evaluator.

I am Open-Minded.

I am a Visualizer.


I am a Collaborator.

I am a Communicator.

I am Compassionate.

I am Connected.

I am Respectful.

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